We are dedicated to provide our customers with the most responsive service possible. Connectivity refers to the use of computer networks to link computers to one another, and provide information resources between computer systems and their final users. Commtel offers connectivity solutions that help you get the most out of your system, ensuring stable and reliable performance even under the most rigorous conditions. Our Connectivity Solutions give you a competitive advantage through design and implementation of flexible and reliable IT Solutions, Datacenter Solutions, Building Systems, Structured Cabling Solutions and Audio Video Solutions.

Vsat Solutions


Unleash the true potential of satellite communications. Our VSAT solutions ensure secure exchange of data between Corporation head offices and their local and international branches as well as linking computer systems in different companies for the purpose of data and information exchange. Our VSAT Solutions support a wide range of VSAT networks and satellite technologies. We also provide the network requirements such as satellite bandwidth, VSAT equipments, terminals, teleport services, VOIP features, terrestrial leased lines, SLAs, and other requirements..

Earth Stations


Commtel provides a simplified way to obtain cost-effective and competitive solutions for their satellite communication and earth station antenna needs, ensuring consistently superior performance, lower commissioning costs and assured rapid deployment and a top-quality connection in virtually any country. We at Commtel pride ourselves with the knowledge and ability to offer our customers the latest in earth station solutions. With Commtel you’ll be sure to receive the help you need to make your installation successful.



The compact and low-profile design of our mobile DSNG solutions greatly enhances news team’s ability to capture news. Improving ability and agility, our DSNG solutions enable] news teams to reach extreme locations that others cannot, be the first (or only team) to reach and broadcast from hard-to-reach locations, film and broadcast while on the move and even land in a new international location and install the equipment on a rented vehicle, allowing for faster, improved and more efficient coverage.