Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are as important as business and marketing plans. Preparing a business continuity plan can help your business recover quickly after any kind of incident or crisis (e.g. natural disasters, computer problems, staffing issues). The disaster recovery plan includes preventative strategies that the business will take, such as installing smoke alarms and conducting fire drills. The business continuity plan introduces strategies how the business will continue after severe business interruptions and disasters.

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Resiliency Consulting Services

Help you develop, implement and design a resilience program customized to your business requirements.

Managed Resiliency Services

Provides you the best solution to balance your IT staff workload and control ongoing operational expenses, while achieving immediate continuity and resiliency.

Infrastructure Recovery Services

Offers comprehensive, flexible recovery options tailored to help you get back up and running in the event of a disruption.

Information Protection Services

Implements strategies and procedures to help you quickly back up, restore, archive and maintain automated protection of critical business data.