Government data is complex and enormous- so are the challenges facing those who work with it. Commtel can help improve information management, enhance citizen communications, and increase organizational collaboration for better use of government resources. We deliver superior service to citizens by providing 24-hour online access and automated voice options.

Surveillance Solutions


Advances in digital technologies are creating a whole new world of possibilities. Protection against intrusion, robbery, attack or sabotage should be entrusted to reliable and expert hands.

Visual Communication


Visual Communication can help everyone, everywhere to be more productive with face to face collaboration, in the office, on the road or at any location.

Disaster Recovery and BCP


Good business continuity plans will keep your company up and running through interruptions of any kind: power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, supply chain problems and more.

Security Solutions


It provides online solutions which are specially designed to secure, protect and optimize your digital world, network, date and endpoint.