Providing educational opportunities to a broad range of individuals, enriching students’ learning experience and improving the overall quality of education are three of the most important issues facing educators today

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Financial Services


Commtel works closely with financial services firms, including banks, credit unions, lenders and capital markets firms, to provide solutions that address today’s critical business needs.

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We specialize in helping your healthcare business determine what computing solutions are best for you. Commtel makes it easier and more convenient for clinicians, specialists and medical centers to collaborate with each other regardless of location.

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Government data is complex and enormous- so are the challenges facing those who work with it. Commtel can help improve information management, enhance citizen communications, and increase organizational collaboration for better use of government resources.

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Technology continues to find its way into every corner of the judicial system. To effectively use the budget, the courts have started to use visual communication to help lessen pressure. Commtel provide a variety of setups for visual communication specially designed to meet the requirements of judicial system.

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Armed Forces


Commtel System LLC converges voice, video, data, and mobility to support and coordinate communications among our armed force and improve agility. We provide the strategies, tools, and technology our forces need to ensure safe, secure, and reliable communications to speed decision making and protect the nation.

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