Mobile Applications

There are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers and television units combined, meaning your business requires a mobile presence to be linked with its consumers.  Mobile Apps are the most efficient way to reach out to customers nowadays and everyone knows the value of going straight to where your customers are. Commtel offers mobile application solutions that help organizations to improve their processes and increase the level of accessibility. Our mobile apps help seamlessly connect and interact with customers, making them valuable for the modern business.

Enterprise Mobility


Commtel brings you mobile enterprise solutions to manage and secure mobile apps, data, and devices. Set yourself up for mobile success with the leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Commtel offers a secure, flexible and enterprise-ready proposal that grows with you as your mobility needs increase.

Financial Services


You need a way to endure and flourish in a multi-screen world, where consumers are constantly switching between devices, conducting research on the screens. Commtel platform designs and develops secure mobile applications for financial institutions to widen engagement opportunities with customers on the go.



Mobile applications (apps) can help people manage their own fitness, encourage healthy living, and get access to helpful information when and where they need it. Commtel offers a dynamic new way to connect patients and medical professionals; before, during and after hospital visits.

Consumer and Retailer


A well designed app can help a business to extend secure mobility to business partners or customers. Consumers use mobile devices and apps to research, browse, compare and shop. Commtel is the leading secure app development platform for the creation of custom-developed consumer and retail apps.

Games Development


Commtel specializes in all stages of mobile gaming apps development including planning, designing, execution and finally, deployment of the app to different mobile devices. It’s cost-effective and reliable for fast turnaround.



The days of the television being the ‘first screen’ for entertainment are over.  A study shows the box has been formally replaced by phones and tablets. Thanks to increased processing power, enhanced battery life, vastly improved networking speeds, and larger screen sizes on mobile devices, people now spend an average of two hours and 57 minutes each day on mobile devices.