Risk Assessment and Penetration Testing

It is impossible to safeguard against all vulnerabilities of operating systems, service and application flaws, improper configurations, or risky end-user behavior. Penetration testing evaluates an organization’s ability to guard its networks, applications, endpoints and users from external or internal challenges to circumvent its security controls to get unauthorized or privileged access to protected assets. Our risk assessment and penetration testing solutions enables IT and network security management by revealing how newly discovered threats or emerging vulnerabilities may potentially be assailed by attackers. Our Penetration testing helps you avoid data incidents that put your organization’s reputation and credibility at stake. Moreover, it allows your organization to more intelligently apply needed security patches and assign security resources more efficiently.

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Secure Auditor Suite


Secure Bytes Secure Auditor is actually an automated tool designed to audit different database servers to keep all the various components across the network secure and up to date. It provides risk visibility and monitoring to keep up a stable and secure environment.

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