It is said if you control the routers, you control the network. The most modern trend is to observe routers as the integration platforms for a wide variety of network enhancements such as security, policy, and services that enhance the capabilities of IP to support telephony, video, legacy service integration, and other applications over a converge network.
Commtel Systems LLC provides routing solution for increasingly complex network environment, taking liability for service quality and protection, monitoring and efficiency, and other features that allow networks to add value.


BX Series Multi-Access Gateways

The BX7000 reliably transports TDM, ATM, and packet traffic over IP/MPLS using pseudo wire emulation technology. It supports today’s wireless technologies as well as emerging standards like WiMAX and LTE.

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JCS1200 Control System

The JCS1200 Control System’s Non Stop Routing (NSR) provides the foundation for seamless system upgrade even in maintenance conditions and topological changes without a single point of failure in the System.

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CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms

The Juniper Circuit to Packet (CTP) series provides seamless transitions from dedicated leased lines to converged IP infrastructure as they maintain critical circuit-based applications.

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LN Series Mobile Secure Router

Providing high-performance network routing, next-generation firewall, and unified threat management capabilities in a single platform designed to withstand the strongest vibrations and shock.

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E Series Broadband Services Routers

Offers Low operational costs and consistent services across all platforms and policy-based control via seamless integration with the Session and Resource Control portfolio.

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M Series Multiservice Edge Routers

Juniper M Series Multiservice Edge Routers consists of specialized hardware designed for packet handling with IP/MPLS capabilities for enterprises and service providers.

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J Series Services Routers

Integrates the world-class network security and routing capabilities and deliver reliable connectivity to remote offices with a great combination of high-performance network safety and advanced services.

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MX Series Ethernet Services Routers

Juniper provides customers the ability to expand and accelerate the deployment of carrier-class Ethernet networks and services with MX Series Ethernet Services Routers.

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With adding features such as enhanced security, LAN switching, WAN optimization and acceleration and Quality of Service. It has become an all-purpose networking device.

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Service Provider

Address your customers’ demand s more quickly and improve the way you create and deliver services with service provider infrastructure that gives your business more reach and intelligence.

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Introduce WAN for the expansion of your business which interconnects the enterprise LAN to remote LANS in branch sites to provide speed and cost-efficiency for transmitting data over comparatively small geographic areas.

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