Visual Services is one of those Audio visual suppliers; who specialize in presentation, audio visual, video and broadcast technology. We take visual communication as a technique to make conversations between company and customer. Our focus is on delivering modern technology, combined with legendary customer service for your satisfaction. No matter what the scale of your business is, always comes with the solutions which reflect the requirements of your business and the distinctive qualities of your brand. From boardroom to ballroom, courtyard to convention center, we have a custom-made solution for every situation. Our strength of local resources includes hospitality, experts, mechanical professionals and wide-ranging audiovisual inventory, turns good into fabulous with originality of the idea.

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Telepresence Rooms

Rather than travelling great distances in order to have a face-face meeting, Commtel offers to use a telepresence system, which makes virtual presence possible at one place while physically on different locations. Each member of the meeting present in a telepresence room can see /talk to the other on a screen as if they were in the same room which ultimately saves cost and time.

Onsite Services

Commtel helps you enhance meeting productivity by an elite combination of plug-and-play HD camera systems, HD phones and easy to use conferencing software. Using high quality video, audio and PC presentations help teams to meet in a circle to come up with new ideas and solutions. Our suite of elegant, integrated yet highly adjustable meeting room solutions keep your staff concentrate on providing better services.

Infrastructure Services

Commtel promises to offer you an infrastructure that is accurately enhancing your experience to remain competitive in this always changing digital world by Securing your business information and emails.

• Provides MCU or video / audio bridges for multipoint video conference
• Provides ISDN Gateway for access to ISDN lines through IP network for DID / DOD access
• Provisioning for IP VCR to record live conferencing and to be downloaded afterwards for viewing and archiving.