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A system for analyzing and attributing cyberattacks, proactive threat hunting, and protecting network infrastructure based on data relating to adversary tactics, tools, and activity.

Key Features

Manage and Create Personalized Threat Landscape

  • Leverage the first-ever threat landscape management system built within a TI interface

  • Adjust customizable matrix for threats relevant to your company, its partners, customers, and industry

  • Fine-tune and tailor your settings

  • Control and monitor for the threats that matter



Profiling of Advanced Threat Actors

  • Receive automatic updates of all profiles, from regular cybercriminals to state-sponsored groups

  • Get attack timelines and detailed reports

  • Access all TTP data in just a few clicks

  • See how attacks are mapped to MITRE ATT&CK®

  • Support from analysts and experts is included in the cost

Detection and blocking of phishing attacks

  • The system proactively searches for early stages of phishing

  • You can expose entire attacker infrastructures to block collection points rather than individual phishing pages

  • Our average takedown time is lower compared to other solution

  • Access phishing kits to help determine where data will be transmitted and what data has already been compromised



Largest archive of dark web data

  • Read messages and profiles of attackers on underground forums

  • Get automatic updates of information about each contact and partner an attacker has

  • Access “raw” data and opportunities to dig deep and enrich your own research

Access to advanced analytical tools

  • Automatically connect data, including information from underground forums and Internet snapshots collected over years of monitoring, and analyze it in the Graph interface

  • Use the malware detonation platform for dynamic analysis of links and files in an isolated environment


Key Benefits

Detects and Stops Attacks

It prevents threats that are missed by conventional security tools

Understands the Methods of Advanced Attackers

Determines whether the protected infrastructure can counteract relevant TTPs

Identify Insiders or leaks

Obtains information about possible data compromise or an insider’s activity from closed sources

Manages the Cyber Threat Landscape

Offers the first customizable matrix with current trends in the solution’s interface

Analyzes and Attributes Threats

Supplements indicators obtained from other systems with unique data

Strengthens Team Performance

Boosts efficiency by 30%, reduces costs, and engages external experts

Enriches Security Systems

Integrates with SIEM, TIPs, and other systems via API to obtain unique machine data

Chooses and implements strategies

Tracks relevant adversary activity to help you make informed strategic decisions

Identifies and blocks phishing sites

Stops threat actors who threaten your company or customers with brand abuse